"art hotels are the best." - future you

travel for all

a reservation for a magical experience

It goes a little something like this: You pull up to Hotel McCoy and take in the view. So. Many. Murals. You head into the lobby gallery to check in (and check out all of the art). You’re greeted by a smiling face and handed your room key and a poker chip. What’s this for? A free drink, you’re told (local pours only).

You head to your uniquely curated room and open the door to find fun fixtures, comfy furniture, and original works of art. You set down your things and take it all in. Inspired, you create something of your own design on the in-room chalkboard canvas. There. Now it’s time to flop down on your cloud-like mattress. With your head resting on a pile of pillows, you sign in to your Netflix account and stream on the biggest flatscreen TV you have ever seen.

Alright, more of that later. For now, you’re ready to explore. Depending on where in the Hotel Mccoy world you are, you might take a dip in the saltwater pool, a seat at the bar, or a spin on a Peloton. You grab a bite to eat, of course there are local snacks and treats, and another drink. 

Now, out the door you go, explore your new city. Come back, have sweet dreams, and in the morning, breakfast is always free.