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Hotel McCoy's Mission is
Travel for All

We are deeply committed to the idea that travel is an experience and should be open to each and all.
Hotel McCoy was designed to be equally welcoming to every person, travel status, or budget- a holistic hotel experience beyond just a place to sleep. It is more like a microcosm, a place to connect with one’s self, the community, and the magic of travel.

We reject the idea of target audiences, high room rates, and boredom.
Instead, we designed a hotel that is equally hospitable to any person on any travel budget, so long as they are travelers at heart.

True travelers are the ones who seek out culture, the people who visit a place not to leave their own footprint but to feel the heartbeat of their destination. These urban explorers want to dine with the locals, drink beer brewed in the city they visit, and take in the sites that are a bit off the traditional tourist’s path. Hotel McCoy travelers come from all over the world, all stages of life. Business travelers, family travelers, first-time travelers, seasoned travels. All are welcome here.

Hotel McCoy’s mission of Travel for All is supported by our Three Pillars of Preservation:
structure, Community, and Hospitality Some call them values. Either way, this is our pledge.


Hotel McCoy is committed to the repurposing of already standing buildings. Remodeling a neglected motor lodge, recycling a long-closed grammar school, or breathing life back into an old airport hotel; we don't limit ourselves with particular design movements or architectural obligations, but we do promise that we will never tear down a structure to build new. Our commitment to sustainability and a circular economy is greater than our desire to be cutting edge.


Hotel McCoy is committed to supporting and representing the community it is grounded in. There is no Hotel McCoy brand design standard to be stamped at each location. Instead, each property is a blank canvas to be painted on by the community that houses it. The exterior, the decor, the bar menu, the employees, all of these elements are of and from the community, hyper-local defined. Guests are encouraged to experience their destination with community partners. Further, we pledge to keep our Art Program commission-free, never charging a showing or curation fee to the artists who sell their work at Hotel McCoy. The art you see at Hotel McCoy will be by a local artist, no generic hotel art here. And if you buy it, all of that money goes directly to the artist.


Hotel McCoy is committed to the art of hospitality. Our employees are emboldened as hosts, encouraged to bring their authentic selves to a diverse and inclusive place of work, and empowered to choose humanity over policy. A stay at Hotel McCoy should feel somewhere in between a swanky boutique hotel and your best friend’s guest bedroom. There’s fun around every corner, art on every wall, and a smile on every face. We don’t do hidden fees and we offer a package experience- free parking, free breakfast, and even a free check-in drink.

Choose Your Destination

Tucson McCoy

Retro meets contemporary here at our 1960’s mid-century modern art hotel. From the fully restored pool and A-shaped entrance to the lobby with exposed original beams and motor lodge style parking, Hotel McCoy Tucson is the best of both worlds (with a bit of desert magic).

Pullman McCoy

Surrounded by the rolling hills of the Palouse and situated in the center of the most charming town in Eastern Washington, Hotel McCoy Pullman offers the warm hospitality of a cozy lodge and the modern amenities of a cosmopolitan art hotel, all within walking distance of WSU.

College station McCoy

Positioned in the heart of Aggieland, ten minutes from Texas A & M, Hotel McCoy College Station is exploding with amenities. There’s the art gallery, hyper-local bar, ridiculously comfy beds, giant in-room streaming HDTVs, and murals galore. And then there’s more: pickleball court…


With local vibes and modern amenities, Hotel McCoy makes for an outstanding venue to host a private event, team meeting, company retreat, book signing, art class, yoga session, b-day party, photo shoot and everything in between.

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