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Borderlands Don’t Be Prickly
About the brewery:
ABV: 6 %
Description: Currently our house beer and a crowd favorite. An easy-drinking German-American wheat beer with local organic prickly pear juice which adds the beautiful color and a slight floral aroma. Fruited not fruity. It’s light, it’s local and it’s lovely.

Crooked Tooth Hazy IPA
About the brewery: A brewing co. and tap room like no other. Their Full Moon crystal infused brews and their welcoming tap room and beer garden are special. What really makes them stand out is their heart. It’s a happy experience!
ABV: 7.7%
Description: An east meets west style IPA. Piney, danky, citrus hop with a soft mouth feel and estery notes. One of the favorites here at our Sunshine Climate Club.

Harbottle No Trabajes Tanto
About the brewery: Check out their cool story! Captain John Harbottle sailed to the South Pacific and met a woman in Hawaii. They ended up getting married and John Harbottle became best friends with his wife’s father. The USA overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy and the Harbottles were very upset! So they left Hawaii and never returned. Alas, Harbottle Brewery opened and is named after their great great great great great great grandpappy Johnny. Now they make some totally awesome beer in his name!
ABV: 6.5%
Description: A reminder to kick back from time to time and relish in the subtlety of life. Inspired by easy drinking lagers of our southern neighbor with notes of caramel. Robust enough to stand up to a range of Tucson foods while remaining laid-back like the city we know and love.

Bawker Bawker Scott’s Apple Cider (COMING SOON!)
About the brewery: It all started from homebrewin’ in 2009. Now it’s Tucson’s first and only cider house and we are here for it. The name came from the owner constantly talking to his chickens in their own language “bawker bawker”, he loves chickens.
ABV: 6.5%
Description: A gluten free option for our friends. Semi-dry, vegan and straight up appley.

Barrio Brewing Co Barrio Blonde
About the brewery: As Tucson’s oldest craft brewery and one of the largest in the state, Barrio is synonymous with local beer. If you haven’t checked out their brewpub (about an arm’s length away from a high-traffic railroad), then you haven’t seen Tucson.
ABV: 4.7%
Description: Light, sweet, and balanced out with traditional Saaz hops. A classic.

Tucson Brewery of the Month
Each month, we add a new Tucson brewed beer to our fourth tap. Just ask your bartender about this month’s pick. We promise you it’s a good one.


Barrio Citrazona IPA
ABV: 6.6%
Description: An easy-drinking India Pale Ale with a smooth tangerine finish and just the right amount of hops.

Barrio Blonde
ABV: 4.7%
Description: Light, sweet, and balanced out with traditional Saaz hops. A classic.

Sentinel Peak Salida Del Sol Mexican Amber
About the brewery: Midtown Tucson’s only brewpub, Sentinel Peak, owned by a group of real life heroes (Tucson firefighters), quickly became one of the highest rated breweries in the area. Definitely check out their brewery—the food, people, and atmosphere are all memorable, and a nice break from the fast pace of downtown life.
ABV: 5.2%
Description: A smooth, easy drinker great for a porch sit. Pairs well with one of Tucson’s glorious sunsets.

Dragoon Santa Cruz’r Golden Ale
About the brewery: Founded by a father-son duo and a friend in 2012, Dragoon basically took Tucson’s beer scene by the reigns and led the charge. They have several iconic local brews and a borderline obsessed local following.
Description: This golden ale is too hoppy to be a blonde and too malty to be a pale ale—all we know is that for a poolside brew in the sunshine, this can’t be beat.

Dragoon IPA
ABV: 7.3%
Description: This west-coast IPA is an absolute Tucson staple. An extremely crisp, clear hop-storm with bright grapefruit and pine aromas, you’ll see this on tap all over town.

Borderlands Noche Dulce Porter
About the brewery: Environmentally conscious and community centric, Borderlands Brewing Company has all the qualities a Tucson establishment should have. They make a variety of beers from local and all-natural ingredients, plus their taproom is in the gorgeous Warehouse Arts District. Definitely worth checking out.
ABV: 7.1%
Description: Delicious medium-bodied dark beer with cocoa and espresso notes and real Mexican vanilla.

And More…
The Tucson craft beer scene is ever-changing and we’re always right there on the cusp. The bar has a few special editions that aren’t always in rotation. They’ll be on display and close to your bartender’s heart. Just ask!



Provisioner Wine grows their vitis vinifera (ahem, wine grapes) in the Willcox basin in Southeast Arizona. At their Bonita Springs Vineyard, they tend to over a dozen grape varietals, many of which you will find in our three deliciously Arizonan house wines.

Provisioner Red
ABV: 12.6%
Description: With a delicate floral aroma and ripe cherry and raspberry palate, this Cabernet Sauvignon-heavy red blend has a medium body, medium-plus tannins, and just the right level of acidity to make it thoroughly drinkable.

Provisioner White
ABV: 13.2%
Description: Another medium-bodied blend from Provisioner. Made with a variety of white grapes known to flourish in the Arizona climate, including Malvasia Bianca and Chardonnay, this blend has a peach and apricot entrance, with just the right amount of citrusy acidity to balance it out.

Provisioner Pink
ABV: 12.9%
Description: If you are looking for a refreshing glass to ease you into another warm summer night, look no further than this strawberry-redolent pink gem. Not too sweet, Provisioner Pink has a delicate yet complex fruit bouquet that pairs wonderfully with a summer salad (Goat cheese and roasted pecans, anyone?).


Sand Reckoner
About the winery: Founded in 2000 by Rob Hammelman as an exploration into what makes Arizona terroir unique, Sand Reckoner has quickly become one of Arizona’s finest wine producers.
ABV: 14.3%
Description: This red wine blends Graciano fruit (another Spanish variety that loves our climate) with Syrah and Petite Sirah in a complex, earthy glass.

Dos Cabezas Red
About the winery: Dos Cabezas, a Sonoita-based winery, has been pivotal in the development of Arizona’s blossoming wine culture. With two vineyards producing distinct fruits, the Bostock family’s Dos Cabezas Wineworks continues to impress on a national level.
ABV: 14.5%
Description: Red blend with a powerful aroma, full body, and well-balanced sweetness.

Dos Cabezas Águileón
ABV: 14.7%
Description: Tempranillo and Graciano red blend with a wild berry aroma and jammy, fruit-forward mouthfeel with subtle hints of oak.

Callaghan Buena Suerte
About the winery: Callaghan wine has been served at White House dinners twice. They are one of the most awarded wineries in Arizona. Enough said?
ABV: 13.4%
Description: This high tannin red blend offers up a vibrant, smoked herb aroma muted by a vibrant red fruit palate.

Flying Leap Habañero Infusion
ABV: 14.3%
Description: A bold idea? Imagine the flavor. Locally grown habanero peppers are infused in Grenache in this medium-high alcohol, spicy vino sui generis.

Keeling Shaefer Syrah
Keeling Shaefer began wine sales in 2007, and since then have made a stake as one of the most successful vineyards in the state.
ABV: 15.1%
Description: A dominant, jammy mouthfeel couples with high alcohol and a fruity aroma to create a dynamic taste experience.


AZ Stronghold Chardonnay
About the winery: Arizona Stronghold’s Bonita Springs Vineyard sits just outside of Willcox, AZ, one of two American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in Arizona.
ABV: 13%
Description: The most awarded Chardonnay in Arizona, this buttery masterpiece has an oaky body and a stewed fruit palate.

Deep Sky Aurora Viognier
About the winery: Deep Sky blossomed from a birthday trip to Argentina in 2009. Quickly realizing that Arizona had a similar climate to also grow Malbec like Argentina. So they decided to try it in their own backyard. A love for exploration and infinity named this winery, their logo tilts at 23 degrees just like earth. Endless possibilities will continue on here.
Description: A medium-bodied wine with aromas of honeysuckle, pear and a little bit of violets. It has a silky mouthfeel followed by juicy sweet fruit flavors of peach, pear and ripe honeydew melon. A perfect pairing with spicy pad thai.

Merkin Chupacabra Blanca
About the winery: Maynard James Keenan (the founder of the rock band TOOL) is the owner and winemaker at Caduceus Cellars & Merkin Vineyards, the wine from which has won several dozen national and international awards. Don’t let his musical pedigree fool you—Merkin Vineyards is at the forefront of Arizona winemaking.
ABV: 12.8%
Description: A Riesling/Chardonnay blend with fruit grown in the Willcox, this wine is refreshing and lightly sweet with a pleasant white blossom aroma.

Callaghan Lisa’s Blend
About the winery: Callaghan wine has been served at White House dinners twice. They are one of the most awarded wineries in Arizona. Enough said?
ABV: 13.5%
Description: This white blends Viognier, Malvasia Bianca, and Marsanne grapes in a full-bodied and highly aromatic wine with a soft character.

J.P. Chenet Blanc
ABV: 11%
Description: A long way from home but we want to share it with everyone. This brut is fruity with white peach, apricot and hints of brioche. Wonderful choice for a mimosa!

Sonoita Sparkles Brut
About the winery: Sonoita Vineyards, the oldest commercial vineyard and winery in Arizona, was founded in 1974 by a UA professor (Dr. Gordon Dutt) to prove Sonoita’s wine growing potential. Over forty years later, he has unquestionably been proven right.
Description: Cochise County Colombard is aged to sparkling perfection in this Brut, which pairs perfectly with dark chocolate and strawberries.


Coatimundi Sweet Lady Red (Keeling Shaefer)
Description: A sweet, easy-drinking red blend with a delightfully complex body.

Charron Sweet Merlot
About the winery: Conveniently located in Vail, AZ, just 30 minutes outside of Tucson, Charron Vineyards is one of Arizona’s oldest vineyards.
ABV: 10%
Description: A light, deliciously smooth Merlot with a wild honey aroma.

Callaghan Rosé
ABV: 12%
Description: Highly aromatic, with a citrus and strawberry

Dos Cabezas Sparkling Rose Can
ABV: 13%
Description: Hand picked and crushed by foot. A blend of Garnacha, Syrah, Monastrell, Graciano and Picpoul blanc. Voted best Arizona wine in a can from the Phoenix New Times.


Jun kombucha + honey (& gluten free) = The best buzz around
ABV: 5.6%


Superstition Meadery Hard Cider Bottle
Blueberries from space to take back to your place (not actually from
ABV: 5.5%.


Jones Soda
A variety of bold, bottled soft drinks with snazzy labels and wacky colors.

Bottled Water

Nestle Quik Chocolate & Strawberry Milk
Is any childhood (or adulthood) complete without it?

Arizona Tea
Not made in Arizona, but we aren’t mad about it.

Coconut Water
Southern AZ’s heat can be killer, make sure to get an extra kick of natural hydration.

Cactus Water
Is this possible? Yes, yes it is.

Topo Chico
Legend has it that this water may have magical powers.

San Pellegrino
An Italian tradition.

UGLY Sparkling Water
It is what it is.

High Brew Coffee
A cold brew coffee ready for any adventure!

Yerba Clean Cause
Purchase one of these bad boys and I promise you’ll be helping a great cause.

LifeAID & ImmunityAID
Give your immune system a boost.

Horizon Chocolate & Strawberry Milk
Is any childhood (or adulthood) complete without it?


Presta Coffee
This local coffee shop roasts our delicious house blend, Tucson Is Magic (because it is). You won’t be disappointed with the way this
coffee warms your soul. If you can’t get enough, check out our gift shop for your very own magic blend to go.

Maya Tea
Manish Shah, a native of India, founded Tucson’s first tea company in 1996. It started as a way for him to sell his proprietary chai at local farmer’s markets and has grown to supply over 200 types of tea all over the country. The Prickly Pear Herbal tea is delicious, and always in our lobby (along with some other delicious options).


Kettle Potato Chips
An environmentally friendly potato chip company with the best spicy potato chips out there.

America’s favorite beer sponge (in a variety of flavors)

Why are you reading this?

Too much coffee? Soak it up with some biscotti.

An old fashioned fav.

Pop Rocks
We know you forgot about these, we are bringing them back.

Berra Bites
Tucson local business that we LOVE! Yummy dark chocolate covered fruit that you just can’t get enough of. Seriously, you’ll wonder how you ate the entire bag in one sitting.

We are always, and we do mean ALWAYS, adding new fun snacks. Stop by the front desk and check ‘em out.



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