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We are honored to be Tucson’s first and only art hotel. Hotel McCoy is adorned in murals, our lobby is a functioning art gallery, and our rooms are decorated with local pieces. Each work of art on our property was created by a Tucson artist. If you purchase art from our lobby, know that every dollar of the sale goes directly to the artist who created it.

IG: @abcdelsur
Bio: Alex Jimenez is a dynamic local artist who does everything from murals (like the super cool Toontown in our entryway!) to the “Geographical Alphabet” print series in our lobby. Odds are good that you’ve seen her designs on flyers and billboards around town, too. She’s amazing.

Bio: Allison Miller is a Tucson painter and muralist who paints with such talent, you have to squint to be sure her work isn’t a photograph. Each of her pieces evokes emotion and we are so honored to host one here in the lobby gallery of Hotel McCoy.

IG: @arobinsonart
Bio: Alyssa is an artist specializing in illustration and lettering. Her lovely works hanging in the hotel lobby feature her masterful control of both skills. Alyssa’s following has exploded in the past couple of years, and it’s easy to see why. Soon she will come back to the hotel to add to our distinguished mural collection. We can’t wait to see what she creates!


IG: @seeitshine
Bio: This multi-faceted artist works with a variety of mediums, her delicately crafted work celebrating the beauty of color, nature, and form, often enrobed in dreamy, soft lit nostalgia.


IG: @iamamandarochelle
Bio: You may have heard Amanda’s beautiful voice echoing throughout our lobby from time to time. Or maybe you are a fan of Amanda Rochelle’s music mondays on our social media. This talented artist is a true gem raised right here in Tucson! Also part of the Hotel McCoy fam, you’ll recognize her bubbly personality right off the bat. Request to stay in room 311 and get a little deep with poetry by the one and only.


IG: @mosaicsbyandrea
Bio: Andrea creates art from abundance, upcycling beautiful glass & pieces that would otherwise be thrown away and turning them into bright and beautiful mosaics.
Not only is Andrea a well-respected Tucson artist, she is also a teacher, offering both private and public workshops to those with a mind for mosaics.

IG: @andyartist100 & @andyburgessphoto
Bio: Born in London, Andy Burgess is perhaps Tucson’s most well known artist, renowned for paintings and collages that depict the sharp lines and perspective of mid-century architecture. His photography offers an acute sense of his artistic eye, capturing the geometry, decay, and regrowth of the urban environment. Plus it’s beautiful. That helps too.


IG: @drawsya
Bio: A human of many talents! From murals and detailed drawings to nurturing plants and creating the most delicate jewelry. You can find Asya quite often running the Hotel McCoy front desk crew. We are blessed to have such a talented human part of our Hotel McCoy fam. Don’t forget to check out her collaboration mural with Jessi by the poolside.

Bio: An award winning artist for forty years and long time local painter. Barbara’s art can be seen all over Tucson as well as throughout the US, U.K., South Korea and The Netherlands. Works include paintings on paper or canvas, mixed media, and costumes. Come stay in her room and be one with nature. Barbara lives to make art in Tucson.


IG: @walkthroughthiswithme
Bio: Desert dreamer Bonnie Gradillas wanders around, camera in hand, searching for magic. The result of her adventures is what you see here, in black and white. Emotive and ethereal, Bonnie’s work speaks to the beholder. Her work can be found in room 104, The Bonnie Gradillas Room.


IG: @cactuscloudsart
Bio: Artist Serena is a mother and beautiful water-colorist. Get lost in the delicate designs that are so Tucson. From cacti and agave to tacos and sunsets. You can find Serena’s work all around town.

Bio: Carlos Encinas is a lifelong Tucson resident and artist. He is a retired educator with degrees from the University of Arizona in education and art. Ranging from paintings, drawings, ceramics, wood and murals to furniture and computer art. You have to come see his art hanging right in our lobby, his pieces fit right in with our vintage vibe.

IG: @tresgueras
Bio: Christine Gorman, Sarah Renshaw and Anita Riter, together known as Tres Gueras, are expert upcyclers and designers who create fun, funky, and unique décor. Clearly Christine knows a thing or two about mosaics too: Marilyn De Los Muertos, which hangs in our hotel lobby, is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe in the style of Dia De Los Muertos, a traditional Mexican holiday us Tucsonans are proud to celebrate each year.


IG: @somethingsparkley
Bio:Take a walk through the dark and sparkly fantasy world of Christina Thomas. Christina Hailing from So-Cal and here in Tucson to stay, save for her occasional globetrotting, she is a multimedia artist and fashion designer with works ranging from mixed media paintings and sculpture to film clips and photography. The hallway art installation here at Hotel McCoy is one of her largest installations to date and we LOVE it. Her work has shown at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, and has appeared in Women’s Wear Daily. Cool, huh?


IG: @clint_tzu
Bio: If you’ve spent any time in Tucson, you know the tattoo culture is absolutely poppin’. Clint is one of the great local tattoo artists, who also happens to be an incredible muralist. He created a gorgeous neon-esque Hotel McCoy mural that you can’t miss. Check out more of his work @clint_tzu on Instagram.


IG: @danielmartindiaz
Bio: Fueled by a voracious curiosity and a love of science and symbolism, Daniel Martin Diaz creates magic and mystery with paint and design. Award winning and world-renowned, DMD calls Tucson home and blessed us with the moon phase mural outside of the gym as well as two lobby pieces.


IG: @bydanielaumanav
Bio: Our favorite Colombian Tucsonan, and Hotel McCoy’s first artist in residence, Daniela is a true mural-making gem. Her palate brings Colombian color to totally Tucson themes in all her work here—we have THREE pieces by her. We can’t wait to have her back!


A bit of a graffiti gypsy, Denz rolled into Tucson with a suitcase full of spray-paint and big dreams. He came, he created, and then he followed his heart out west. While he was 520 official, he created the poolside classic sneaker mural.


IG: @pachucos-art
Bio: Once a landscape photographer, everything changed the day The Desert Whisperer was approached by a roadrunner who nudged him and allowed for a pet. Since then, there seems to be an unspoken rule in the Sonoran Desert that he is amongst friends.


IG: @dianamadaras
Bio: Madaras is a colorist who celebrates the subtle, natural beauty of ordinary scenes in a way that is both intense and dramatic. She paints in both watercolor and acrylic and has a diverse portfolio — from brilliant desert landscapes to expressionistic portraits. A signature member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Madaras has been featured in a dozen one-woman shows, and her art has hung in the Tucson Museum of Art.


IG: @donovan999999
Bio: When your favorite bartender is also an incredible artist, what do you do? You go into Che’s, located on Fourth Avenue, and you beg said bartender to paint a mural on the exterior of your lobby wall. The cactus wielding scuba man you see from the pool is the result of our pleas.


IG: @_somethingwonderful_
Bio: Elisha is a free thinking painter with an affinity for both color and black & white, Elisha relocated from Alaska in 2017. Inspired by both her homeland and her new desert life, Elisha’s art captures the world’s beauty, one piece at a time. When she’s not painting murals, or making the perfect cup of coffee, you can find her on the dance floor, living with the music

Bio: Erni Cabat (July 7, 1914 – November 9, 1994) was a remarkably talented designer and artist. Cabat-Gill was the preeminent advertisement firm in the Southwest in the ‘40s and ‘50s, and had a huge impact on the unique signage all over Tucson. He and his wife Rose were internationally known visual artists as well—he painted until his death in 1994.

IG: @shopfletcherandco
Bio: A husband and wife super-duo who work as professional photographers in a variety of fields, Fletcher & Co clearly have a knack for finding the beauty in the small things. These gold risograph prints are F&C’s take on specimen shots, printed on a special machine using environmentally friendly soy-based ink. How cool is that?


Bio: Born and raised right here in Tucson, Gina is inspired by the resilient flora and fauna of the desert and our lovely and seemingly unforgiving climate. A U of A graduate ( BFA in Art and Visual Culture Education), Gina has evolved from student to teacher, lending her skills to both the students of Canyon del Oro High School and Tucson’s The Drawing Studio.


IG: @iggi_artist or @azchalkguy
Bio: Ever since childhood he has been very inspired by what people do not expect. Ignacio’s art is full of bright colors that catch the eye. He thrives to display a distinct emotional and physical reaction to all of his artwork. Check out the mural on the back of our middle building if you have ever dreamt of flying!




IG: @arterosas_
Bio: A portrait artist inspired by those she loves and her surroundings. Jessi takes rudimentary photos and enhances them with her imagination and warmth. She’s also an employee here at Hotel McCoy! With a unique style and emitting all the good vibes, make sure to say hi. Don’t forget to check out her collaboration mural with Asya by the poolside.


IG: @papercutsandcactusthorns
Bio: Bold, bright, and beautiful, Jessica’s murals beautify walls all over Tucson. Her work here at Hotel McCoy is no exception. Check out the mural towards the back of the property, and Animal Instinct in our hotel lobby. Ms. Contreras’ art celebrates her—and Tucson’s—Hispanic heritage.


IG: @jess.flaxie
Bio: An artist and educator based in Tucson, where she has called home for the last 10 years. Inspired by give and take relationships between people and the desert environment. Jessica has created one astonishing piece that sits right in our parking lot! It represents life, decay, romance and reflection. Come take a look and see for yourself.

IG: jessicagonzalesart
Bio: You can find Jessica’s amazing art all over town and all over the hotel. The three paintings hanging in the hotel lobby externalize often-unexpressed emotive states with vibrant color and design that are uniquely the artist’s own. Her stunning mural out front is the perfect welcome to Hotel McCoy, and to Tucson’s art culture.


IG: @7evusvougler
Jevus, a Tucson artist by way of L.A., uses watercolor to paint his dreams- his colorful, surreal, vibrant dreams. Inspired by the strong women in his life, he paints them as beautiful flowers.


IG: @johnnyb_art
Bio: Artist, illustrator, graphic designer and teacher! Johnny is a human of many talents. Preferring vibrant colors and a dramatic atmosphere, his style transports the viewer to another world. Drawing inspiration from science, culture and history. His beautiful and intricate watercolor pieces are in room 214, you have to check these out. Currently teaching the future generations, but Johnny works on art part-time and is open to commissions. Hit him up for spectacular work!


IG: @karolina.olivia
Bio: A painter, illustrator, and mother. Karolina draws inspiration from the colors, flora and wildlife surrounding the Sonoran Desert. Karolina has a studio located in Subspace Collective in the Downtown Warehouse Arts District right here in Tucson. Room 126 is waiting for you.


IG: @katherinejoyce.illustration
Bio: Katherine is a talented digital Artist. Her work is often inspired by the nature of the desert and is very detailed. A love for adventure, being a mom and the surrounding community makes their own impression in Katherine’s artwork.


IG: @smithkrskaren
Bio: Painter, writer, teacher, and style-icon, Karen Smith left NYC city life for the Sonoran Desert back in 1987. Her colorful pieces, what she refers to as acrylic “pourz,” bring cheer to the room. A labor of love, pouring, tilting, and heating, each painting is one of a kind. Love Karen’s work? Read her book, Stylishly Sexy, & get to know the woman behind the swirls.


IG: @kurtschlaefer
Bio: Incredibly talented and equally kind-spirited, Kurt is responsible for the gorgeous poolside Tucson mural that pays homage to the Mission San Xavier del Bac. If you can dream it, Kurt can paint it. We’ll probably keep coming up with stuff for him just so we can hang out- he’s truly the best.


IG: @lalavazquez
Bio: This Tucson painter relocated to the desert 14 years ago & marvels, in dialogue and through her art, at the constant wonders & new discoveries this city consistently brings to her life. You may notice the presence of both animals & primary colors in LaLa’s work. A longtime vegetarian, this artist has always considered animals as friends & began painting them as a form of therapy when her beautiful son was diagnosed with Autism. The result- love on canvas.


IG: @lannno
Bio: Lano uses swirls of magic and visions of the heart to create her signature designs. Color, shape, and sound can be found in her poolside floor to roof mural.


Bio: Linda is an author, photographer and artist. Following retirement She became a full-time artist. Linda’s work can be found all over Arizona, the USA and Canada. If you purchase any of these amazing pieces a portion of sales go towards wildlife organizations, horse and donkey rescue groups.


IG: @marcyellis
Bio: Flora, fauna, and the female form come together with ink and watercolor in Marcy’s work. Internationally published and locally adored, her work is joyful & fun.


IG: @michellemyroseart
Bio: Michelle is the nativeTucson artist responsible for the gorgeous Corazon painting on the 200s building. Blessed with the natural ability to draw and paint since childhood, her art has depth upon depth.

IG: @modernaquariansigns
Bio: Ashley White, the woman behind the moniker, creates beautiful signage for businesses all over Tucson. We are beyond stoked to have her work grace the outside of our lobby, and she is coming back to create more beauty soon!


IG: @mostcoldest
Bio: That our GM Nicole discovered Most Coldest & her paintings by chance, in a crowded Tucson underpass, is a miracle for our lobby. Her abstract paintings, created by pouring paint and then casting spells over the canvas (the only way I see such beauty being possible), have a geologic, elemental aura that is totally her own.


IG: @dontworryBartsi
Bio: Hailing from the coast of Mexico, Nanci relocated to Arizona on a quest to become a champion for Mother Earth. A recent University of Arizona School of Earth & Environmental Sciences graduate, this young Tucson visionary uses paint & brush to speak the universal language of art, focusing on the beauty of the female form.


IG: @noblemen_
Bio: After facing a macular degeneration diagnosis at a young age, Noble wasn’t sure how long he would be able to see the world. In a series of blessings, he went through a successful eye surgery that drastically improved his vision, a gift he never takes for granted.
Talented beyond belief, enjoy the detail of Noble’s library card drawings and larger pieces.


Bio: Nolan became a Tucson resident at the ripe age of one and started creating art soon after. Self-taught and inspired by his artisan mother, Nolan’s abstract pieces are incredible representations of a childhood inspired by life, cartoons and music as well as a young adult’s experience with life struggles and emotions, common themes in his work.


IG: @birdsandarrows
Bio: North Carolina transplants Pete and Andrea Connolly have been making music (under the moniker Birds and Arrows) and art together for over a decade. Pete’s visual art, on display in the hotel lobby, reveals a clear fascination with the rugged, wild desert landscape surrounding Tucson. Check out their website for the full story of what drew them to Tucson.


Bio: Inspired by the colors of the desert, PhiloSohia doesn’t hold back when it comes to color and design. Her lobby piece, Splatter No. 3 is no exception to her no-rules rule.


IG: @spoooqui
Bio: This young artist is one to watch. Q paints with her soul, creating visions you can feel. Her first mural is featured on the Hotel Mccoy lobby wall- a scorpion piercing a heart because… love stings.


Bio: Born in Sells, Arizona on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, Quinton brings art to life through his Native American culture. His art expresses stories and folklore of the Native American people from past to present. Request room 105 to see traditional and ceremonial elements Quinton incorporated into his fascinating work.


IG: @rebelheartpoetry
Bio: From the pithy and sweet—like Good Poetry, Bad Handwriting—to the lovely and long narrative flow of No Place Like Tucson, RHP reminds the reader of the obvious truths that we so often miss. Undeniably positive, yet unbreakably willful, this poet embodies the soul of Tucson.


IG: @rendawriter or @worldpeacemuraltour
Bio: Renda creates murals and canvas art under the ethos of “write it into existence”. He travels year-round living out of his van, sometimes leaving behind a world peace mural. The motivation behind the mural tour is Renda’s desire to embody the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Check out #80 of Renda’s World Peace Mural Tour right here in room 111!


IG: @robynannart
Bio: A true Wildcat pursuing her passion! Robyn’s love for the natural world will make you appreciate the pure beauty of it through her art. Fascinated with the connection between humans and nature, her creative work is often inspired by science. This new artist has a natural eye for things we humans often miss. Check out Robyn’s art in room 210, you don’t want to miss it.

IG: @seanjohncannon
Bio: With a modern, stripped down style and a stunning ability to transmit emotion through portraiture, Sean Cannon is truly a Tucson treasure. Check out Sean’s paintings here at the hotel.


IG: @seantcreative
Bio: Sean creates Dali-like, surreal renditions of the familiar that remind us how very strange the things we see really are. In Dos Sonorenses, two desert pigs (called javelinas) stand in the foreground and frame a real Tucson monument, San Xavier Mission. Sean’s style blends the strange and beautiful in remarkable ways.


IG: @sonoranwitchboy
Bio: Desert plants are Trevor’s favorites, considering how their strange and beautiful shapes keeping them safe and alive in harsh circumstances. He translates his botanical love into gorgeous acrylic reverse glass paintings on recycled windows and frames.

IG: @solacemacrame
Bio: What happens when you take macramé and put it in the hands of a Tucson native? Ask Mayra Duron of Solace Macramè—or head over to Hotel McCoy to see one example of her lovely work hanging in the lobby. Making Macramé Cool!


Bio: Inspired by our landscape, wildly colorful sunsets, comic books, and the juxtaposition of light and dark themes, she makes beautiful prints that begged to be hung on the walls of people life you and me.


IG: @stephanie_strausser
Bio: A Tucson based visual designer and illustrator. Stephanie’s work is both modern and vintage which fits perfectly here at Hotel McCoy. You can also find her work at other amazing local Tucson spots, like Button House Brewery and Hopstreet Lounge.


FB: StevenByeArtworks
Bio: A retired art teacher, writer and think outside the box kind of mind. Bye has transformed surf boards into masterpieces and made Vincent Van Gogh a cowboy in the West. He is on a quest to transfer all he as learned to a canvas.

Bio: Tucson’s favorite harmonica player and blues singer also creates some crazy cool visual art! The three pieces hanging in our lobby capture his bold, unique Americana spirit. Tom epitomizes Tucson—even if he is from London. He plays his music all over town; don’t miss your chance to see a real Tucson staple.


IG: @neatpicsitake
Bio: Equal parts storm-chaser and nature photographer, Tony captures some of the Sonoran desert’s most iconic natural wonders and phenomena. From the unrivaled beauty of cactus blooms, to the awe-inspiring power of monsoon lightning, these photographs immortalize the aspects of Tucson we miss when we aren’t here.


IG: @mercistwodeserts
Bio: A Mom, wonderful teacher, and desert artist. Inspired by the natural world and places they have traveled. You can find a lot of love for the desert within Melissa’s art, but you would be surprised. Given the creative freedom Melissa can paint anything, from alligators to ballet dancers. Stay in room 327 for some desert magic!


IG: @valyntinagrenier
Bio: As a women and an LGBTQ activist, Valytena’s visual art is representative of her viewpoints. Pushing the boundaries of representation and abstraction to create a vantage from which to view violence and prejudice.


IG: @wildchildartstudio
Bio: Walt incorporates pencil, ink, watercolors & digital design into his work, combining components of Blind Contour drawing with motion and eye-grabbing composition. His pieces capture the informal, natural moments of his subjects. Dance, music and urban landscapes are often the centerpieces of his work.


IG: @whyilovewhereilive
Bio: It started as an experiment and turned into something beautiful. The Why I Love Where I Live Movement not only helps the community but is expanding across the world. Their mission is to see “people flourish wherever they are for however long they’re there for, through the lens of gratitude and appreciation for their surroundings.” EXPLORE. CREATE. ENGAGE.

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Small 2021-May-Hotel-Mccoy-Circle (1)

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